Awaken Starseed Hearts

Now is a time of spiritual awakening and emotional clearing. Humanity is in the middle of an ego identity dismantling. People are waking up to their full potential. Many are experiencing this Ascension & Incension process as a dark night of the soul. Nancy & Michael are here to guide and assist through this time of transition.

Restore emotional balance and wholeness with shamanic healing

The benefits people experience include...


  • From energetic siphons
  • Better psychic self defense
  • Less mental looping


  • From external negative influences
  • From self limiting patterns
  • From psychic attack
  • From pain, restriction, constriction


  • Understanding energetic sovereignty
  • Understanding of the process of ego dismantling
  • Understand why people are being psychically attacked
  • Introduction to dark arts training

Alleviate physical pain and psychic intrusion with energetic clearing

Sessions facilitate the full embodiment of the soul by bridging old ways with new spiritual technology.


  • the mental body
  • the emotional body
  • inner male and female balance


  • ancestral and family patterning (miasms)
  • sexual & pornographic addiction
  • pain and trauma patterning including PTSD
  • entity attachments
  • victim/victimizer programming


  • addiction matrice
  • curses, spells and hexes
  • emasculation

Restore wellbeing with multidimensional soul retrieval

Nancy & Michael hold the indigo star seed coding and are polarity integrators, this enables them to...

  • See into the body and remove blocks
  • Remove inorganic patterns
  • Remove bindings and webbing
  • Remove belief systems and negative behavioral patterns
  • Clear traumas and addictions
  • Awaken people to their soul mission
  • Assist people in becoming sovereign beings