Hieros Gamos System~~Inner Balance to Sacred Marriage

Hieros Gamos System is a Consciousness System/Healing Template that we use in our session work.  We Interface with this system at the Quantum Level to Identify, Locate, Remove Blocks and Repair your Light Body System and Multi-Dimensional Bodies. We are able at this time in the Ascension process to remove many inorganic implants/dead light structures in the body.  Some of the things that are able to be cleared are: programs/belief systems, ancestral/entity attachments, fears/anxieties, addictions/phobias, victim/victimizer programming, and relationship curses. When working with the Spiritual and Astral Bodies we are able to do many repairs and upgrades, including DNA, so you have a better connection to your Higher Sensory Perception and your Soul Matrix.  What we are doing is building and strengthening your Spiritual House (Body Temple).  We must strengthen the inner core foundation so you are able to embody your Spiritual Light and amplify its intelligences.