"I have had 3 sessions with Nancy & Michael via Skype and if it wasn't for their amazing work I don't believe I would have made it this far. I am still amazed by the amount of energy/clearing that is accomplished in one session ... they get shit done and do far more than any other type of healing session I have experienced in the past with Shamans or Reiki healers. It's like they do that but way more and you get a full soul/monadic wash/cut/color/style and then some ... aside from the clearing and de-possesions/monadic/reversals/harnesses, etc... I feel I was also being taught some hardcore dark arts training and empowerment. Also, it's because of Nancy/Michael that I was able to regain movement in my neck that was debilitating me for 3 years!!! It was a sword that they had to remove cutting me off from my soul and wow, did I feel the difference not only in my neck but just the fact that I was able to meditate much deeper while before, I kept hitting a WALL and couldn't send my breath beyond my crown.. Again, Thank you so much Nancy & Michael for your amazing gifts!!!  Love and blessings"
Maya - CT

"Thank you SOOOOOOOO much for indescribable session yesterday. I just had an important meeting today that normally would bring up my deepest insecurities. I felt so free/clear of the subtle emotional triggers -- defensiveness, power struggle, frustration, etc.-- I have been consistently feeling in these situations all my life. I know my strong desire over a long period of time to clear these blockages loosen things up, but your work "pulled out" things I been unable to get to myself through almost a decade of prayer, meditation and countless other energy clearing modalities."  
Joe - WA

"Spend sometime now to release, remove, center, and bring back all who you are. That time is now...their session with me has brought forth a clearing like no other and a balance of truly being free!!! Nancy and Michael have moved here to Sedona to assist and be in service....Thank you Nancy and Michael YOU are the real deal."

"Personally, I feel it is necessary for all Starseeds and Indigos to have this type of clearing. I am so grateful that I was guided to call them. I felt the impulse to call them a year ago and this past week I couldn't stop thinking about them knowing in my heart that they would help me. and they did!!  I could go on for an hour about the powerful sensations I was feeling while I was being worked on. The buzzing across my skin and in my organs felt like raindrops of energy. Now I have more of an opportunity to connect better and my discernment skills have improved too. I send so much Gratitude and Love to Nancy and Michael."
Kimo - CA

"Nancy and Michael are truly a gift. I am so grateful to have had a session with them. Deep support,love, dedication shines from them."   Bina - Denmark 
"I just want to write a simple paragraph conveying my appreciation for Michael and Nancy’s profound work.  The transformation wasn't distinctive in the beginning at all, nevertheless, after approximately 2-3 weeks I began to receive comments from friends like the vibration of my voice changed, and how I have been much more opened than before in comparison with the antisocial person I was prior to the session (and weird enough, I actually kinda enjoy meeting people). Most of all, an urge and desire to write suddenly appeared which I knew is a big life theme for me but somehow got procrastinated for years, this feeling sense of relief is totally beyond words can describe!  The changes within are still unfolding, however not wanting to know how and what the revelation would take place, just want to allow myself to be guided and surprised! So, Michael and Nancy, thank you both and God Bless You!"   Helen - CA  

"Nancy and Michael, much gratitude and appreciation for our 2/11 session. You have cleared many distractions and obstacles out of the way and helped me move forward on the spiritual path. My challenge now is to participate fully and overcome forces that would hold me back. As you put it so well, time to break through barriers and release outdated patterns... to remember why I'm here and what I came to do. Our session was a powerful experience, and I really enjoyed talking with them afterward. Nancy and Michael, thanks again for sharing your gifts and great stories!"  
Heather - AZ

"A sudden freedom of expression!  An awareness of female energies is coming tenuously as I open to it. Suddenly my psychic energies seem to have come unlocked, and my connections with Source are more immediate and tangible.  All of this, and more, from less than a week! Whew! What's next?!  I wholeheartedly recommend your services to anyone who is ready for a huge step in growth. I can still feel your compassion, support and desire to be of assistance. My love to you both."
Gwen - WA

"I just wanted to say thank you, it's miraculous how much better I feel especially my spine, and I really feel like I can feel my wings now. It's pretty amazing. Thank you both so much!"  
Abby - NJ