Michael Joseph

Michael has been through a fundamental ego identity dismantling. Everything he thought as a young man he was to become in life was removed from him. Through this process he has awakened to his role as a polarity Integrator who holds shamanic healing codes. 

Through a life threateningly high fever when Michael was five, he found he was able to project his consciousness (bi-locate) into other structures or even into his own body. For most of his lifetime, feeling a very different experience of reality from others, often judging himself for "not belonging," he struggled with accepting this ability as a gift. 

On June 20, 2009 the Orion Healing Codes began to be activated within him.  These are mental projection and hand healing codes that allow him to see like an X-ray using an Intuitive Internal Holographic Computer (IIHC). This inner computer initially began by flying around Michael's head. Then it began to rotate under his feet. Now it has evolved into a sphere that surrounds him. When he needs healing information an image comes into focus on an inner screen. 

He has learned not to double think, he trusts his first intuitive hit. He feels the pain in a persons body emphatically and it triggers an instant knowing. If he does not act on that intuition, the second thought that comes in is the mind control saying “no you don’t feel that.” He has learned to tell himself "yes I do, it is my image-ination" -- access via his IIHC into the akashic records or planetary memory banks containing the individual and collective soul's journey through countless lifetimes and experiences.

Nancy Sophia

Nancy is Michael's divine compliment. She is an intuitive homeopath, dowser, clairsenciant, sensitive, and able to remove etheric blocks. She can feel blocks in other peoples body through her own body. 

Over 25 years ago when Nancy was studying homeopathy -- and later alchemy --she had deeper knowledge of these subjects than she was being taught. When Nancy and Michael were further activated into more of their gifts in 2009 she began to understand their healing role together. She could feel the blocks but couldn't remove them, Michael was needed to take them out.  She has now activated more of her healing gifts so she can clear blocked energy too. She assists by harmonizing energy fields and transmuting the inorganic into to the organic.

Along her personal healing path to relieve herself of chronic pain Nancy has been exposed to every modality from John of God and Filipino psychic surgeons, to network chiropractic and crystal energy healing -- the full spectrum of new age energy healing techniques. No one was able to help her with the pain and discomfort in her body until Michael began working on her. 

As a sensitive wired to feel all the inorganic things on this planet, Nancy holds the Mother Arc coding to be able to do this work, the work of serving as a soul collective portal.  Her body is a container.  

At about the same time Michael came into his gifts she got a strong intuitive feeling to change her name to Nancy Sophia, the root of the word philo-sophia, or love of wisdom.